Rainmaker Wildlife Water Solutions

Water Guzzlers, Drinkers, Troughs & Escape Ramps

Rainmaker Wildlife products are designed to provide years of reliable service in the elements. Made of extremely durable polyethylene, they are impact resistant down to -40 degrees below zero.  UV inhibitors are added to ensure long life in harsh conditions.

Our guzzlers, drinkers and water catchment systems contain no fiberglass. They are non-toxic, durable, easy to handle, simple to transport and install.  These wildlife water systems will give upland bird, deer and elk an useful supplementary source or water.

Rainmaker Dome Top Guzzler with Optional Water Collector


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New in 2016 – Dome-Top 1000

Dome-Top 1000 GuzzlerBest Use: Deer, Big Horn Sheep & Upland Bird

A Walk-in style guzzler with a 1000 gallon capacity. Includes reinforced steps for large animals and a gentle 28 degree ramp for upland bird and small animals. Made of premium cross-link polyethylene to withstand prolonged exposure to sub-zero temperatures. Install Above-Ground or In-Ground  See More Details Here.

Available Mid-June 2016. Price $2575.  Call us for more information.


Walk-in Drinker

Rainmaker Walk-in DrinkerHigh Capacity Drinker for Elk & Big Horn Sheep and All Animals

This new Walk-in Drinker feeds off of storage tanks to create a high capacity watering system for herds of elk, bighorn sheep and all animals.  This system is scale-able but generally has a 5,000 to 25,000 gallons of capacity.

YouTube – Overview video of two Arizona Installations Click Here


Our Wildlife Guzzlers – Escape Ramps – Drinkers

Full-Ramp Guzzler

Full-Ramp Guzzler Installed

Best Use: Upland Bird

Price: $875

Dome-Top Guzzler

DT-NM Dirt Sand-th

Best Use: Deer & Bird

Price: $975

Escape Ramps

Wildlife Escape Ramps for Water Troughs

5 Sizes Available


Drinker-110 for Deer and Elk.
Drinker For Deer & Elk

Price $495 (With Float Valve)



250-Gallon Water Trough for Wildlife, Domestic Animals, or Bats8 Ft Water Trough for Wildlife, Domestic Animals and Bats

New combination water trough for wildlife. Perfect for deer, elk, horses, cattle and bats.  250 Gallon capacity with a protected float valve system under the escape ramp.  Install above-ground or in-ground.

Price: $875




Rainmaker Wildlife Water Guzzlers are designed to comply with NRCS, FSA, state and federal wildlife habitat improvement programs.  CRP. CSP, EQIP and WHIP are but a few. Wildlife Guzzlers, deer drinkers, water systems and escape ramps can be included in many wildlife habitat programs, Cost Share Programs, State Fish & Wildlife,  BLM, etc.


Affordable  –  Freeze Tolerant  –  Durable  –  Non Toxic  –  Recyclable