Rainmaker Wildlife Water Solutions

Rainmaker Full-Ramp Wildlife Guzzler

Water Guzzlers, Drinkers Troughs & Escape Ramps

Rainmaker Wildlife products are designed to provide years of reliable service in the elements. Made of extremely durable polyethylene, they are impact resistant down to -40 degrees below zero.  UV inhibitors are added to ensure long life in harsh conditions.

Our guzzlers, drinkers and water catchment systems contain no fiberglass. They are non-toxic, durable, easy to handle, simple to transport and install.  These wildlife water systems will give upland bird, deer and elk a dependable, supplementary source or water.

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 Walk-in Drinker

Walk-In Elk & Deer Drinker by Rainmaker WildlifeHigh Capacity Drinker for Elk & Big Horn Sheep and All Animals

This new Walk-in Drinker feeds off of storage tanks to create a high capacity watering system for herds of elk, bighorn sheep and all animals.  This system is scalable but generally has a 5,000 to 25,000 gallons of capacity.

YouTube – Overview video of two Arizona Installations Click Here

Our Wildlife Guzzlers – Escape Ramps – Drinkers

Full-Ramp Guzzler

Full-Ramp Guzzler Installed

Best for Upland Bird

Price: $840

Dome-Top Guzzler

DT-NM Dirt Sand-th

Best for Deer & Bird

Price: $940

Escape Ramps

Wildlife Escape Ramps for Water Troughs

5 Sizes Available


Drinker-110 for Deer and Elk.
Drinker For Deer & Elk

Price $495 (With Float Valve)


New Trough-250

T-250-38 Ft Water Trough for Wildlife & Domestic Animals

New combination water trough for wildlife. Perfect for deer, elk, horses and cattle.  250 Gallon capacity with a protected float valve system under the escape ramp.  Install above-ground or in-ground.

Price: $875




Rainmaker Wildlife Water Guzzlers are designed to comply with NRCS, FSA, state and federal wildlife habitat improvement programs.  CRP. CSP, EQIP and WHIP are but a few. Wildlife Guzzlers, deer drinkers, water systems and escape ramps can be included in many wildlife habitat programs, Cost Share Programs, State Fish & Wildlife,  BLM, etc.


Affordable  –  Freeze Tolerant  –  Durable  –  Non Toxic  –  Recyclable